Monday, July 23, 2007

Source Example 3 - Mesh Animation

Still showing the use of the model class, in this example we have an animated mesh (X format). Again this is another simple example using the RandomchaosContentPipelineManager to load the mesh's animation data and using the shader to animate the mesh. Both the context methods and the shader I found before MS released their mesh animation sample.

I have had to put a sleep in there as the animation plays a little fast without anything else going through the processors to slow it down, it look a little odd as the mesh only has the skybox as background and so no point of reference but it is animation and you have the source now so you can do what you like with it :)

I found the source for this animation code here Thanks DT


  1. the animation is always too fast...
    but the skull picking is a very good example...


    P.S. I started blogging:

  2. Well, once you get the terrain and ocean objects in there to it will slow down and play at a better rate. A better solution to this would be to alter the animation code in UpdateAnimation so that you alter the speed of the animation.

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  3. Hi, you seam to be better then me to figure out ways to get what you looking for, so I was wondering if you have a solution to my animation problem.
    I'm using .X meshes atm and I have built a hierarchy so one of the meshes becomes parent and the rest of them childes but I want to be able to change part of the character and still keep the characters animations do you have a solution to this?

  4. hmmm, I don't quite know what you are trying to do...

    Can you give me more detail and/or mail me what you are trying to do along with a code example and I will see what I can do/find out.


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