Sunday, July 22, 2007

Engine Design - Source

Here is a link to the source for this engine. It is just the source so there are no models, textures or shaders in this zip, just the engine and the content pipeline processor for models, this has extras in it for giving each mesh in a mesh a bounding box and basic animation (*.X only I think)

I will also put up a link in the right panel so you don't have to come back to this post and can access it off the links.

Just remember this engine is just an education tool for me and was not intended to be used as an actual full blown 3D engine, but I am sure you can get some use from it.

Over time, I am intending to put other source links up based on the objects in this blog. These examples will use the compiled Randomchaos3DEngine.dll and will have examples of the objects, like terrain, SM2 & SM3 fog, the ocean shader etc.


Forgot to mention, the engines font class uses Nuclex Fonts so you will have to download this too, you can also find it in the source links. Legacy of pre refresh code


  1. There is a missing file in RCObjects\Particals\RCBaseVertexParticle.cs.

  2. Yes I took that out as it was a total shambles. Just remove the broken file reference from your project.

    I will be posting simple particle systems up after I have completed the samples.

    I will repair the download tonight so others do not get this issue. Thanks for flagging it up :)

  3. There is a small bug in RCNuclexTextManager in method WriteString.

    If text variable is null Exception occurs.

    Old code:
    if (myFont != null)
    myManager.DrawString(myFont.Font, new Vector2(x, y), text, color);

    Corrected code:
    if ((myFont != null) && (text != null))
    myManager.DrawString(myFont.Font, new Vector2(x, y), text, color);

  4. Thanks. I would suggest removing the Nuclex methods all together as GSE now supports this feature.

    But thanks for the fix :)


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