Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not been here for a while....

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here. As I am sure you know ALL my XNA blogging now occurs over at the XNA-UK User Group

I love XNA, in fact I am totally addicted to it and it has become something of an obsession so much so I decided this week to have a break and look at something else. So I have taken a look at using C++ with DirectX9....I know, not much different is it..

So what I intend to do with this old XNA blog is use it to blog about my journey. What I intend to do is port the things I have done in XNA over to C++. I have not coded in C++ for over 4 years, so I am waking up a very old and wrinkly part of my brain. I actually thought it was dead (not the whole brain, just the C++ bit), but it turns out to have a bit of life in it after all.

My first look at this lead me to a great opening tutorial by Riemer Grootjans which is similar to his XNA tutorial on terrain, but it's in C++ and it starts here.

So having got that under my belt and understood I have started my XNA port......

My next post will be my take on the tutorial and how I have created a camera class like the one I use in XNA.

As ever, your comments and critique are important to me, not just for debating the posts but for me to learn to, so please don't be shy with your remarks.

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