Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nice Terrain in C++

And now I have my XNA terrain shader in my C++ terrain implementation. Again, no source yet, just wanted to post my progress so far. My next post I will start to put some code up. I am going to miss out the window creation code as this can be found in Riemers C++ tutorial, my method for creating the graphics device how ever is a little different and so I will post that.

It is not much different with how Riemer does it, but I had issues with his method, but this is going to be down to the fact that YOU the developer need to detect the capabilities of the graphics card your software is going to run on.

I may at some point post some code on how to go about detecting the card settings you can use at run time, what I will probably do is break down and simplify (if I can) the samples that can be found with the DirecX9 SDK.

Anyway, this is what my C++ terrain implementation looks like:

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