Friday, October 12, 2007

Moving the blog

Well it looks like I have taken the plunge over at the XNA UK User Group!

Leaf offered to host my blog there a while back when my FTP issues started, and has also been gracious enough to host my FTP files. I think what they are trying to do there is a great idea, I think having a good XNA community in the UK is important to home brew development here and I am only too glad to be involved.

There are only 2 user blogs there at the moment, myself and ConkerJoe, who's blog is centered around a 2D XNA engine called CreamX.

What I intend to do is keep this blog as it is. I am going to spend some time moving these post over to the new blog and any new post will appear there.

Once I have the new blog url, I will post it here.

To all of you that have commented on the blog or downloaded and used any of my code, thank you very much, I hope this stuff has been useful to you and helped you with your XNA development. I trust you will follow the blog over to the XNA UK User Group and continue to find it useful.

Once I have started posting there I will put the url up here.



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