Tuesday, April 03, 2007

XNA Development

Well I am still busy playing with XNA
. I am well into my engine now thanks to Mike Schuld's HazyMind Tutorials, with out this site I would never have got of the ground.

I thought I would post up some images of what my engine can do, the images show the steady progression of the engine. I have done my best to put the images in chronological order.

My first attempt at a bloom effect:

The shader fro this is taken from the stock shaders provided by NVIDIA's FX Composer 1.8 and the post processing code it's self is down to Chr0n1x (

My Glass shader in action:

Again a stock shader from NVIDIA's FX Composer 1.8

My Font class:

This has now been improved upon, I will get a new screen shot up as soon as I have time. It now uses Nuclex font's to do this with a customized manager for the engine. This old version uses a custom bitmap per font. The code for which I got from here:

Well this now has been superceded by the GSE Refresh so I now use the core Microsoft method of doing this. I will put up an example of it in use with a code example

My Particle System in action:

Again a mish mash of other peoples work made to fit my engine. I have however added the ability to have the particles drift and flow on any of the X,Y or Z axis. Still have much work to do concerning particles...

My Terrain:

This was taken from Riemers tutorials which can be found here:
Good solid tutorials, a good place to start I think.

My Fire:

I have much more in there, but not enough time to post them here yet. If I get a moment or two I will put them up along with code samples.

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  1. Hey very nice work! Love to see them code samples. Cheers


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