Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Engine Component - Terrain With Bump Map Effect

I know, I should be writing up the Fire class and shader, but I have been playing around with bump maps and normals and thought it would be a good idea to apply this to the terrain. I managed to do it using the shader from Reimers tutorial and modified it to render bump maps per terrain layer. Any way enough chat, here are some examples..

Looking down from a mountain..

Looking down the bank..
(different soil texture)

Looking back up the mountain..
(different soil texture)

First run before I started to normal my textures

This was taken to show how this shader hits performance..

My shader, crude, but quicker..

My shader with my water..

I will post the shader once I have a nice clean shader, lots of stuff in there at the moment so will tidy up before posting it. I will also try and put this feature into my own terrain shader and see if it runs any faster....


  1. Dude, that looks awsome.

    Now hurry up and get the FPS back up to a reasonable rate so the rest of us can use this! :P

  2. :) I have now put bump mapping into my shader, it is a little quicker than Reimers and a bit more crude, I will put up a shot of my bumped terrain shader up now so you can see the difference.

  3. Great Stuff, look forward to seeing the shader, thanks for sharing!
    Been working on terrain a bit and was trying to find an easy way of including bump mapping and LOD, this will help a lot!

  4. There seems to be a bit of interest in this, so I will probably put these shaders up next and then post the Fire object.

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